My Purpose

My purpose as an architect is to serve my clients desires within their budget requirements while making the built environment a better place.

The work that I want to be involved with is work of quality; not only quality of architecture, but also quality of construction. I dream of the next generations of family living in our house, a mom or a young boy thinking back to when the house was built, “what it was like back then…what a neat way to do that…they don’t make them like that anymore.” You see, a house is much bigger than all of us. A truly well-built house has a life of its own, and we are lucky to enjoy it for a while. This is my purpose: to make the stage for generations of memories.

My Mission

I will always work to serve my clients and strive to meet their goals and expectations. From schematic design through project management, my approach to the process will always be based on honesty and sage advice. I will approach every person involved in the process with kindness, with the belief that involvement of the team is the way to achieve the highest quality. Communication and full disclosure are the tools to success.

This firm is based on achieving quality of the work first and fulfillment of the client’s dreams next, all while having a bit of fun on the way. Life is short, you may never build your own house again; let’s have a few smiles while we make your dreams come true. This is my mission, and I hope to serve it justice over the years.


One of the most rewarding aspects of the career path I have chosen is the opportunity for creativity and personal growth. Even before graduating in 1993, I was deeply involved in the built environment, driven by my passion for creating things. This passion has remained constant and will continue to be a driving force in my life. Additionally, as a cancer survivor, I have gained a profound appreciation for the preciousness of life. It has taught me to embrace each day and to surround myself with beauty. This is now my ultimate goal and the lesson I have learned: to grow personally, professionally, and to create beauty in all that I do.

Client Testimonials

Professional, responsive and kind hearted

“Andrew designed many of the homes built by my construction company. A more professional, responsive and kind hearted man and network partner I have not known to date!”

A very knowledgeable, talented designer

“Andrew has an excellent understanding of the construction process and from a builder’s perspective is excellent to work with. He is a very knowledgeable, talented designer and i would highly recommend him to anyone.”


Ecology is a significant subject and one I could go on for quite some time. It boils down to, “Let’s use less, and leave a smaller footprint as we pass through this world.” My attempt is to hit three easy things towards ecology in every building, every time: beauty, build quality, and energy efficiency. If it’s ugly someone will tear it down, if it’s built poorly it will fall down, if it is not efficient it will burn the planet down! Let’s continue for a bit.

Design Inspiration

Design inspiration stems from nature’s beauty, urban architecture, and the seamless fusion of form and function. Drawing from historical elegance or contemporary aesthetics, every detail is carefully considered to create a personalized sanctuary that reflects individuality and nurtures lasting memories. Take a look at some of the unique and beautiful designs from all walks of life and it may just spark some ideas of your own!