I-240 Reclamation Proposal

This project is a proposal for the infill of the interstate 240 cut near downtown Asheville. This will structurally reclaim mountain acreage and return the ridgeline to an organic state. The intention is to create an architectural landmark over a vital spur, while using cutting-edge construction methods to provide uninterrupted flow of business activity and minimization of construction footprint. This landmark will create new volume for commercial, residential, hotel, and entertainment industries. The structure will be rooted on an arched concrete super-structure that spans the “cut.” This will outline the basic form, be the primary visible structure, and provide the skeleton from which secondary and tertiary structure is based. Minor concrete arches will infill and frame space for a modular style steel matrix within. The intent is to create marketable space in an environmentally sensitive way while advancing the frontier of commercial development and manifesting the destiny of current political climates.

This project originally conceived by Dave Battle is currently on hold while funding can be secured.