asheville architecture by andrew willettAndrew Willett was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. His interest in the built environment began in high school; taking woodshop, drafting classes, and watching his dad build the first of many architect designed homes. Andrew attended Virginia Tech and graduated in 1993. Experiences in college included design work on residential houses, institutional facilities, summer work as a woodworker, as well as study abroad program in 1992. During this program he visited most of Western Europe. This proved to be a pivotal time. Experiencing other cultures and the truly timelessness potential of Architecture moved him deeply.

After graduation from college, Andrew worked as a carpenter for two years in Asheville, NC. Experiences during this period include: foundation work, rough carpentry, roofing, exterior finishes, electrical, plumbing, painting, and finished cabinetry. As he moved forward in his life, these real life experiences in the field became invaluable as he applied them to design. In 1995 Andrew moved to Atlanta, Georgia working for a large production builder as well as Stephen Fuller of Design Integrations. This time showed how to build quick and cheap to meet the demands of a competitive market. However, the quality of the work, particularly the architecture was unsatisfying, and failed to meet his expectations of how an architect can serve his clients and community.

In 1997 Andrew was offered a position with a local firm Bill Ashe Architect, which he gladly accepted. Over the next eight years Andrew worked on 50 houses with Bill. Responsibilities started as drafting and grew to designer and then project manager. Andrew received his Architectural license in 2002. The years with Bill Ashe were truly fabulous. Bill was one of Asheville’s premier residential architects with a high-end client base that brought the potential for architectural exploration in many different styles.

Andrew started his own firm in December 2005. Since that time, his firm has worked on over 90 projects. The work mainly consists of residential work, but some of the outlying notables are: a community lodge, a group home for autistic children, and a Japanese teahouse. While most of the work is in western North Carolina, he has one house built in Colorado, and another house in Indiana. One of Andrew’s greatest skills is to communicate to the client. Making sure that the client understands the process involved in designing and building, the options that are available, and a keen ability to “read” the clients reactions to know if a chosen path is the right one or another needs to be taken.

Andrew brings his solid education, excellent professional experience, and a desire to offer high quality design to the client with an overall gracious experience. His energy, positive vision, and devotion to his clients are his promise.